Terry Downs, RMT | SMT(cc)

I am a Registered Massage Therapist based at TWP Fitness in Kelowna, BC.

Throughout my life I have been active in sport and in life. Combined with my love of movement and the outdoors, I have challenged my body in ultra endurance multi-day stage racing, long distance cycling and Ironman triathlons.  I have felt pain, discomfort and the physical limitations that my body was capable of. As a result of these experiences along with the many physical demands of being a former police officer with the RCMP,  I learned first hand that taking care of myself was essential so that I could continue to enjoy all the activities and adventures I loved to do.

Incorporating massage therapy into my recovery and maintenance program assisted me in reducing the physical effects of training, recovering from injuries and the negative consequences of prolonged stress so that I could remain active and functional in my daily life.

I am passionate about helping others improve their physical well being. I view massage therapy as a partnership between therapist and client. Beginning with a thorough assessment; injuries, physical compensations and imbalances are evaluated. Based upon the goals of my clients and the nature of the physical limitation, a treatment plan is developed and implemented so that clients can return to their activities and daily lives with as little pain as possible.

As a trained NCCP Community Coach in cycling and triathlon, in my free time you will find me coaching endurance athletes and enjoying the many outdoor activities of the Okanagan throughout the year.